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This program is designed to assist individuals who are new to the private hire industry and require guidance and assistance to start their journey. Overall, hiring a PCO car offers convenience, cost savings, and compliance with regulations, making it an attractive option for individuals looking to enter the private hire.

We offer new-model fully electric cars (EV) on flexible terms. All models are compliant with rideshare like Uber, bolt, and come with a valid private hire vehicle licence as well as fully comprehensive insurance. Check out our current PCO car offer.

Our Uber-approved PCO car are available to rent on a rolling basis. The minimum contract is 8 weeks.

You must be:

  • Minimum age of 25
  • Live and work in Greater London
  • Maximum 6 points on your licence
  • Maximum 2 fault accidents
  • Must already hold a PCO licence

Yes. Every PCO vehicle is approved by Uber and TfL and ready to go.

The deposit is £500. This is a refundable deposit and is refunded after you return the vehicle.

Also, we will also ask for your first week’s rent upfront.

Yes, It’s 8 weeks. After that, you can return the car at any point with one week’s notice.

Yes. If you choose it, Capital Hire Management offers optional PCO insurance and handles the paperwork on your behalf.

The contract allows for only you to operate the PCO vehicle. No one else may operate your PCO vehicle under any circumstances.

The availability of the car you select plays a crucial role. If the preferred car is in stock at our facility, you can obtain it on the same day and begin your journey. Nevertheless, there are occasions when the more sought-after cars are already reserved, and you might have to wait for a few days to acquire the car. Usually, our operator will notify you about the availability of the car on the day of registration itself.

Please bring the following

  • Deposit & first week’s rent
  • Driving licence (Original)
  • National insurance number
  • PCO licence (original) & badge
  • Proof of address (within the last 3 months and address must match your driving licence)

Taxi Witness is meant to safeguard you and offer you peace of mind, but please don't rely on it and always remember to record third-party information and double-check third-party registration. Please consult the accident report as soon as possible.

Every PCO car is serviced at 10,000 miles (unless stated otherwise). Your service includes oil change, oil filter, air filter & pollen filter.

Brakes are included; however, you’ll be liable for tyre punctures, bulb, and accidental damage

There is a fair usage regulation that allows for 1100 miles every week. A fee of 20p per additional mile may apply if you go beyond this limit.

Yes. You may operate your PCO vehicle right away because it comes with a full license.

There is up to a £1000 insurance excess for fault and split liability claims. Non-fault claims don’t require an excess.

You can use the Uber rental car whenever you want after hiring it. It actually doesn't matter if you use the vehicle exclusively for personal uses or if you spend all your time working for ridesharing apps.

Initially, ensure the safety of all individuals present. In the event of any severe injuries, contact emergency services immediately by dialling 999. Once you have addressed any medical concerns, proceed to exchange necessary details with the other driver involved. Capture photographs of the accident scene and, if available, gather information from any witnesses. Kindly provide us with all obtained details.

You must provide your Customer Specialist two weeks' written notice if you want to return your car.