Mar 26, 2024

A Guide to Renewing Your PCO Licence in London in 2023

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A Guide to Renewing Your PCO Licence in London in 2023

As a rideshare driver operating in London, possessing a valid Private Hire Driver’s Licence (PCO) is not only essential but also a legal requirement. Therefore, understanding the renewal process and its intricacies is paramount to ensure uninterrupted service. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to renew your PCO licence in London for the year 2023. Read the process https://www.capitalhiremanagement.co.uk/

Knowing When to Renew

Your PCO licence is valid for three years from the date of issuance. To ensure a seamless renewal process, it’s advisable to initiate the paperwork well in advance before the expiry of your current licence. Transport for London (TfL) now dispatches renewal application packs four months prior to the expiration date, providing ample time for completion.

Steps for Renewal

Renewing your PCO licence involves several steps, but the process is streamlined compared to the initial application. Here’s a breakdown of the renewal procedure:

Submit Renewal Pack Forms to TfL:

Approximately four months before your licence expiration, TfL will dispatch a renewal pack containing requisite forms. Complete these forms diligently and return them promptly.

Apply for a DBS Check:

A new enhanced criminal records check from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) enhanced criminal records  is mandatory. Ensure timely application as DBS checks are valid for three months. Opting for the DBS update service at £13 DBS update facilitates seamless renewals in subsequent years.

Undergo a Medical Examination:

Demonstrate your medical fitness by meeting the Group 2 standards set by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). Obtain and complete the TPH/204 medical form, signed by your General Practitioner.

Provide a Recent Photograph:

Include a recent photograph adhering to specified guidelines outlined by TfL. Photo standards 

Complete Safeguarding Awareness Training:

Undertake the online Safeguarding Awareness training course, mandatory for both new and existing drivers.

Submit Any Missing Documents:

Ensure all required documents, including Right to Work check, HMRC registration, and TfL English test (if applicable), are in order.  EU/EEA nationals guidance 

Pay the Fee:

A renewal application fee of £170 is payable to process your application.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to return your old licence within seven days of expiring

Cost Estimation

The overall cost hovers around £380, including the English test and Post Office submission charges. Opting for online submission can save £10.

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Consequences of Non-Renewal

Driving with an expired PCO licence is illegal, leading to suspension of services. Failure to renew on time may result in a waiting period of up to six weeks for the issuance of the new licence. Additionally, delaying renewal beyond three months post-expiry leads to removal from the system, necessitating a complete re-application process.

In conclusion, timely renewal of your PCO licence is crucial for uninterrupted rideshare operations in London. By adhering to the outlined steps and maintaining vigilance regarding deadlines, drivers can ensure continued compliance with regulatory requirements and uninterrupted service provision.

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