Jul 21, 2023

Why PCO Hire?

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The first thing to keep in mind when thinking about either hiring, purchasing or financing a car is its flexibility.

When hiring a car you can be very flexible in terms of how long you want to hire for, maybe you have recently only just got your PCO licence and you want to try out uber, it doesn’t make financial sense to purchase a car from the start, you want to first test the field to see if it is something you enjoy.

To do that, the best option is to simply Hire a PCO car that is ready and you can get to work right away. You get to experience the work and also make money. If you find that it is not the type of work for you then you can simply end your hire agreement or maybe you find that it is enjoyable and/or financially beneficial and you want to continue your work. In the latter case, you can either continue hiring or start planning on purchasing your own vehicle.


Owning a PCO car comes with a lot of costs, mainly it will be the maintenance of your car. on average, PCO drivers drive 1000 miles per week, and because of this costs are very high for maintenance. for example, tyres, in a normal vehicle you won’t need to change tyres that often but with the mileage, drivers do on a PCO car you need to change the tyres quite often and that is an additional cost of roughly £80 per tyre. another example would be servicing, service intervals are on average around 10,000 miles, which means every 10 weeks you will need to complete a service to make sure the car runs efficiently and does not run into problems, which is an additional cost of £100 – £250 per service.

those costs are only from services and tyres, they don’t even include things like mechanical problems, M.O.T every 6 months, vehicle Tax, and vehicle PCO. All the above are included when you hire a car and you won’t need to stress about completing these if you hire with us.


Another important factor to consider is insurance. Insurance for an individual on a normal use car is very different compared to insurance for a Private hire and reward, especially for new drivers. Quotes for new drivers can reach up to £4000 per year, depending on your circumstances. When hiring with us, insurance is included with the price.