Aug 25, 2023

Winter Driving Tips

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With winter moving nearer and the sum of the terrible environment that goes with it, the Capital Hire Management Team have collected another manual for secure Uber Partners and PCO drivers all over town. Coming up next is a different of the key zones you’ll ought to be prepared for. We’ve moreover incorporated an extra section Covid-19 and the prosperity gauges you’ll must have set up.

PCO Car Preparation

Next to getting your vehicle changed (if vital), there’s a ton of things you can manage without any other person to set up your PCO vehicle for winter.

Before setting off, check your battery to guarantee its totally stimulated

Flick your lights on and off to guarantee they’re working and clean

With all the variable environment conditions, brakes are a higher need than any time in late memory. Guarantee they’re in satisfactory condition.

Top up your fluids, coordinating windscreen wash, oil and radiator liquid.

Attempt to check the condition of your tires, weight and track significance. You ought to have at any rate 1.6mm of track over the central three­ quarters of your tire around the entire edge. Any under 1.6mm and you’ll be in harm’s way. You can use a 20p coin to check the tire’s track significance.

Environment Types


You’ll need to ease off in light of a shortfall of handle all over town. Remember, stopping distances are expanded by 10 when there is ice all over town

Unwind. You should avoid ruthless speeding up and easing back down, endeavoring to drive as effectively as possible in light of the subtle surfaces

Right when required, use the demister and windscreen wipers

Make a point to turn on fog lights and headlights if detectable quality is diminished

If you discrete, put your threat lights on straight away as detectable quality will be decreased


Constantly be prepared for deluge. Ending distances twofold when wet so try to drive bit by bit and even more effectively to avoid a setback

Put your headlights on plunged column

Try to leave a great deal of distance among you and the vehicle ahead

Adventure your cooling to prevent inside development.

If you aquaplane, take your foot off the animating specialist. Make an effort not to back off


Should the deluge disregard to stop, there’s a peril of flooding. The most significant water can be found around the kerbs so try to keep your PCO vehicle far away from it

Think about the bow wave from advancing toward vehicles. A more easygoing part with pushing toward vehicles is required


Murkiness should be overseen phenomenal caution. Persistently grant a great deal of time for your trip and minimize your speed, especially on bends and corners.

Twofold check your lights are working properly. Use plunged headlights

Make a sizable opening among yourself and the vehicle in front. Hold will not be exceptional

Watch out when driving under platforms, as this is where road surfaces are well headed to be wet or possibly peddled in ice, ice or day away from work