Jul 21, 2023

Heathrow Drop-Off Charge

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The Heathrow Drop-off charge only started a couple of months ago and it has caught many drivers off guard.

It is a £5 charge when you enter the zone, you can set up your own account with your vehicle to set up auto-pay. This is the simplest way to deal with it.

Terminal 4 has now reopened, the Drop-Off charge will start on 01/07/2022 for Heathrow Terminal 4

How can you pay for the Drop-Off charge?

The only way to pay for your Drop off Charge is by paying online, through an automated telephone service or by setting up an auto-pay account. You can pay in advance, the day you drop off or by midnight the next day. if you don’t pay within this time then you would receive a PCN.

How much is the Heathrow Drop-off PCN?

If you pay within 14 days then you will only need to pay £40. However, if you fail to pay within this time then the charge will increase to £80.

How should I pay my Heathrow Drop-off charge?

The easiest way to deal with Heathrow Drop-off is to add the Vehicle to your auto-pay account, so that way you won’t need to remember to go online to pay for the charge. Also, please remember that you will need to pay the charge each time you enter the zone, so if you enter more than once you will need to pay more than once.